The 5Rhythms

About the Practice

The 5Rhythms is a body-based awareness practice created and developed by artist, theater director and author Gabrielle Roth.

The practice centers around the idea that if you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself.  Movement is the medicine, the metaphor and the meditation. The 5 Rhythms are: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness™. Together these rhythms map  a “Wave”, a cycle of energy patterned after the natural  way things move and change . Each rhythm has a distinct expression and dances us differently. With practice, the rhythms can lead us in to deep exploration and integration of the wild, wide-ranging scope of who we are and how life moves through us.

The practice uses a unique combination of movement, music, dance, meditation, play, theater, ritual, individual, partner and group work as embodiment tools. Anyone, of any shape, size, physical fitness level, with or without experience is welcome.


Chloe Goodwin

Chloe is an Accredited 5Rhythms teacher, and a community maker. She cultivates creative spaces that nurture authenticity and grow personal awareness. She leads with heart. She calls on movement as a healer, community as a catalyst, and creative process as medicine. 

Chloe invites full spectrum exploration of human be-ing.  She invites curiosity everywhere. She welcomes you to get fascinated, dig-in, and let the movement do its work. 

Chloe's 5Rhythms Story

I was first introduced to the 5Rhythms in 1998 in my then home, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, by a traveling group of Gabrielle Roth’s students. They invited me to dance with them in a weekly student practice group.  I was not a "dancer", knew nothing about what I was doing or who Gabrielle Roth was, but found myself instantly compelled and in love with what these “5Rhythms” catalyzed in me. When my hosts left town, they handed the practice group over to me. For the next two years,  I was left to explore the rhythms on my own. This experience ignited a calling in me to keep moving, keep healing through movement and to help others do the same. I thought I had to be a therapist to do this - so I went to grad school. I moved to Portland, Oregon (a city that had both an MSW program and a dancing community).

In Portland, I  landed in my first 5Rhythms class with Teacher Vinn Arjuna Marti. Soon after, Vinn began designing and teaching his own practice, Soul Motion, which I readily dove into and studied for several years with him and his gang of local teachers. In 2004, I heard Gabrielle Roth was giving a workshop in the area - I went. 

That workshop was the end. That workshop was the beginning. It was where the thread I had been following hooked in, it was where the calling came from, it was the heart - I was home. For the next 5 years I dedicated myself as a student of the 5Rhythms, traveling to learn as much as possible from Gabrielle and her many remarkable teachers.  In 2008, I applied to the 5Rhythms Teacher Training and was accepted. I completed the year-long program and have been a Certified Teacher since 2011. I also finished my graduate degree, and worked as a Clinical Social Worker with teens and kids for over 10 years. The 5Rhythms® practice continues to be my great love, deep discipline, and sure medicine. It is my honor and my dream come true to share it with you.


Masters Degree in Social Work (2004)

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Comparative Religion and Art (1994)


5Rhythms, Waves level, The Moving Center New York (2011)